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At the beginning of the pandemic, Josh's life was in danger at the Pickaway Correctional Institution, where in the spring of 2020 more than 35 people died. Joshua joined a crew that was responsible for cleaning many areas of the prison. He had gone through biohazard waste disposal training and wanted to help in any way that he could. Needless to say, Josh became one of well over 1,000 incarcerated individuals at Pickaway Correctional that contracted Covid-19. Thankfully, he recuperated from it. Josh has an incredible support network that believes he should receive a second chance. 

Josh is not the only one that was sentenced as an adult when he was, in fact, just a child. Many others have been sentenced to die in prison as children. Thankfully, more and more are coming home now. Here are 23 of them, sending encouraging words to Josh. This photo project is called "You will come home, Josh!"

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