January 4, 2020

People often wonder how to be supportive of someone that’s incarcerated. What would you say to them?

I think staying in contact with someone that's incarcerated is important. I understand that sometimes phone calls can be expensive, but I would recommend some type of co...

July 9, 2015

Talk a little bit about food in prison.


Well, some of it is OK, and some of it, I guess, could be considered pig slop. They buy it in bulk. So, a lot of it is horrible-tasting: no sauce, no types of additives whatsoever, no sugars.


Is the food better now than before yo...

May 10, 2015


You are now training a dog for the Four Paws For Ability Program. Tell us about your dog.


Chantilly is a little over three months old and she’s awesome. She’s playful; she’s cute; she’s adorable. I mean, she listens very well. I have to tell her maybe once or twice ab...

April 4, 2015


The questions that we asked Josh are taken from a post on These are great questions to get to know your loved ones better. 


What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for the ones that stand by my side, and I’m thankful that they love me as much as th...

August 31, 2014

  • How do you feel about your upcoming transfer? 

A little nervous. I haven't had a cellie in close to four years. I haven't had the opportunity to move around in here, and knowing that I get to walk in the snow frightens me a little. 


  • You don't get to go outsid...

August 2, 2014

  • What are your hopes for this month?

I hope to be classed to an institution that I want to be at. I am going up for security review, and I am being dropped to a level three. I am hoping to get to Warren or Ross, so that I can be comfortable. It’s pretty laid back...

July 19, 2014

  • Can you walk us through your cell?

As soon as I walk into my cell, to the left is my toilet. It’s less than a foot away from the front wall and door. Directly next to the toilet is my sink. It’s about a foot apart from the toilet, but higher on the wall. Direct...

July 9, 2014

  • Did you like to go to school when you were a child?

When I was a child I enjoyed school. I really did. At that time, school was –I guess you could say- very fun. Every classroom…it was teachers trying to set up games that were fun.


  • When did it stop being fu...

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January 4, 2020

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